Surgical abortion vs Medical abortion

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Surgical abortion vs Medical abortion

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is one among the foremost usually performed and safest surgical procedures in Australia, with up to 80,000 girls undergoing the procedure every year.1 most typically performed in the first trimester, up to 14 weeks’ gestation, surgical abortion contains a low complication rate once disbursed throughout now. whereas surgical abortion may be performed within the trimester (up to twenty weeks in most states, and up to twenty four weeks in Victoria); this will involve a additional advanced operation.


A surgical abortion in the first trimester is most often disbursed below ‘twilight sedation’, though the choice of a neighborhood anaesthetic is obtainable. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the doctor inserts atiny low tube into the womb and, applying light suction, removes the contents and lining of the womb. is commonly|this can be} why a surgical abortion is often called a ‘suction curette’.


The procedure itself takes around 10 minutes; but, from the point of arrival at the clinic, to preparation for the surgery and recovery from the anaesthetic, having a surgical abortion will take four – five hours. once the anaesthetic has worn off and you’ve got received your medical care recommendation, you may ought to be driven home.

Medical abortion

Medical abortion has been a lot of wide offered in Australia since 2012, and is a non-surgical abortion choice, offered to most ladies up to 63 days gestation. choosing between a medical or surgical abortion is incredibly a lot of addicted to your circumstances and private preference.


For many ladies, the supply of medical abortion in Australia has meant bigger privacy and fewer invasiveness in accessing a termination. The more moderen introduction of medical abortion via teleconsultation has conjointly created early termination a lot of without delay offered to ladies living in rural ANd regional areas or while not access to an abortion clinic.


Medical abortion is out there once a pregnancy is detected via ultrasound (usually around five weeks) up to nine weeks (63 days) gestation. The abortion is achieved employing a combination of 2 medications that work along to terminate a pregnancy.


The first medication is run by your doctor, or taken by you reception. This medication is AN anti-hormone, that acts by block the results of progesterone – the endocrine required for a pregnancy to continue.

24 to forty eight hours once taking the primary medication, you are taking the second medication buccally (which means that you place the tablets between the cheek and gum for half-hour before swallowing any remaining fragments with water).

The second medication opens the cervix and assists the female internal reproductive organ to expel the pregnancy. this could occur between half-hour to twenty four hours once taking the second medication, however most ladies will expect to expertise some duct hemorrhage, cramps and to pass some pregnancy tissue inside four hours.


Before being prescribed the medication for medical abortion you want to have an ultrasound to work out that you simply aren’t any over nine weeks (63 days) pregnant and to exclude pregnancy tube


Almost all ladies are appropriate for a medical abortion, though there are a number of medical conditions that will mean you’re not appropriate. If you have got a hemorrhage disorder or square measure on blood dilution medications, if you have got adrenal gland issues or square measure taking corticosteroid medications, like prednisone, a medical abortion is unsuitable for you. Your doctor can take a case history to create certain that you simply square measure eligible for a medical abortion. you’ll conjointly need to in a position access emergency medical aid throughout the time you’re having the medical abortion.

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